Our Goal

Our quality program believes that children learn through direct play and through hands-on experience. We encompass creativity and provide a variety of stimulating activities for the children on a daily basis.  In our programs we empower children by allowing children to make their own choices. Our environment embraces independence where the children feel welcomed and encouraged to explore, discover, create, interact and manipulate the materials that are presented to them.

We recognize children's individual needs and learning techniques, and are a fully inclusive program.

At Bean Sprouts we build upon pre-existing experiences and incorporate the interests of the children to ensure that our children stay engaged and continue to enjoy their time at the center. We offer varying combinations for both our Preschool and School Age programs.

Parents/Guardians, and extended family members are a welcome addition to our programming and are encouraged to share their interests, time and talents.

Our center is small, with only 14 spaces to meet the needs of the children and families enrolled.  Low ratios are beneficial and ensure a quality program!

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