Quotes I came to know about Beans Sprout through one of my friend, initially I was really worried about my two year old son because I have never left him alone with anyone from the day he was born, not even for a minute. But Beans Sprout and Paula helped me and my son in handling the initial mental pressure of being apart from each other in such a supporting and loving way that now after few months my son loves to go to Bean Sprout happily every morning. My warm regards and thanks to Paula for every kind of support she extended towards me and my son to settle down so comfortably. Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes My son has so much fun at Bean Sprouts, Ms. Paula is patient, kind, and treats her students with the utmost respect. We are so thankful to have found this preschool!! Quotes
Nadine Dillon

Quotes My daughter has been at Bean Sprouts for about a year now. Paula has always been there for my daughter, as a teacher, as well as a friend. If my daughter was having a bad day, Paula would cuddle up with her. Paula makes your days easier as a parent. I know that I can drop my child off and head to work all day with no problems or concerns. She loves to make good relationships with parents as well. My daughter adores Paula and makes sure she gives her a hug before she leaves every day. She is a strong woman who always has a smile on her face and always welcomes the kids with opens arms every morning. Thank you Paula for always being there for myself and my daughter and for always holding down the fort. We love you xoxo Quotes
Lyndsay Collins
Very pleased and satisfied

Quotes My daughter Isabelle loves Bean Sprouts! When I come pick her up she never wants to leave! Quotes
Happy Mom

Quotes This is the second year that our daughter has been going to Beansprouts. We were incredibly lucky to find a day care that feels like home and such a professional and loving teacher that feels like family. Ms. Paula is truly caring for all the kids in the day care and always attentive to their individual needs. Ms. Paula is a devoted educator and has a significant impact on our daughter's development. We know that our daughter is in good hands while we are at work. Thank you Paula! Quotes
Ira Zelering
Grateful Mom

Quotes Bean Sprouts is a wonderful and warm enviroment. My daughter really enjoys going there and loves Ms Paula. Bean Sprouts has given my daughter a lot of confidence in herself as well. I never have to worry about leaving her there as I know she is in good hands. Being in preschool has really helped her become ready for primary, and she will continue to be part of Bean Spouts in the Before and After school program. Quotes
Rebecca Atwood
Happy Mommy

Quotes I am so grateful to have had Paula looking after my daughter, Hannah, during her formative years. She has a dedication and integrity that is rarely found in someone who has to work such long days. It is certainly work, but not a "job" to her. She is there for the children. Always. If Paula is looking after your children you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is loved while you are away. Your child is hugged and praised and protected. They are as much a treasure to her as they are to you. She has a way of treating each one like their own individual person; she listens to what makes them happy, what makes them sad, and helps them to feel heard and appreciated and respected. How can you put a price on that? Paula, you are worth so much more than what you make. I am eternally grateful. After all, my daughter only has 'one shot' at childhood, thank you so much for stepping in while I was away and making it a happy one. Quotes
Melanie Rocque
Incredibly Grateful

Quotes It has been a pleasure having my son enrolled in Ms. Paula's Center! Ms. Paula and her staff have provided my little one with the greatest care. He loves sharing his new songs, colorful art work and has made plenty of new friends. I know that while he is there he is in good hands! Thanks for caring for my little guy as much as I do! Thanks to you and your wonderful staff!!! Quotes
Lisa LeRue
Happy Mom

Quotes My children have been involved with Beansprouts for a few years now, and so it's past time I share my wonderful find! Paula has always provided the most wonderful care for our children, supporting their needs (and mine!) as they have grown to 'big kids'. She has taught our older child how to be a good babysitter, through modelled behaviour on a daily basis over the years she attended Beansprouts (she's now in Junior High). My son has one more year with Paula, and he loves spending his early mornings playing with the kids. Thank you, Paula, for sharing yourself with our children! Quotes
Megan Baker
Thank you Paula!

Quotes I`ve never had a worry about leaving my little guy here, especially after seeing how happy and excited he was after his first day. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to have my little boy in an environment where he is well cared for and always overjoyed to go back, thanks Paula! Quotes
Melissa Snaglewski
very happy mommy

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